Preparation for Java SE 11 1Z0-819

It is not my idea to take this test. However, I chose to take this certification from the many options I had. AWS, Terraform, and Javascript are some of the options, I am interested in learning and working on backend and Java felt ideal to learn, as the current organization uses this language for backend development of their applications. Here is a study plan I will be following along with the course from Udemy. This study plan is based on my commitment of 2 hours a day so that I can finish the preparation in 5 weeks.

Week 1: Foundations of Java

  • Days 1-3: Overview of Java, JDK installation, and basic syntax.

  • Days 4-6: Variables, data types, operators.

  • Days 7-8: If statements, switch statements.

Week 2: Core Java Concepts - Part 1

  • Days 9-11: Loops and advanced loop concepts.

  • Days 12-14: Exception handling.

  • Days 15-17: Classes, objects, methods.

Week 3: Core Java Concepts - Part 2

  • Days 18-20: Inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation.

  • Days 21-23: String handling, StringBuilder.

  • Day 24: Collections framework (Lists, Sets, Maps).

Week 4: Advanced Java Concepts

  • Days 25-27: File I/O, basics of concurrency, multithreading.

  • Days 28-29: Advanced exception handling, and assertions.

  • Day 30: JDBC introduction.

Weeks 5-6: Mock Tests and Review

  • Days 31-34: Focus on JDBC and advanced JDBC concepts.

  • Days 35-37: Mock tests - simulate exam conditions.

  • Days 38-40: Review weak areas, take additional practice tests, and finalize preparations.