Javascript Interview Questions

Well, it is been 5 weeks since I have been off writing. I was into planned personal commitments and that is why the delay. I am back and have so much more to share with you all. Let me share the backstory of this blog post. After my maternity break, it was hard to find a job in the industry despite having experience in developing some amazing products using meteor js from a previous organization. I had to take a step back and take up a job of delivering static web pages using HTML and CSS. However, that turned into a good decision as I could find an internal project that required react js skill. Couldn't miss the chance and hence refreshed my javascript and learned the basics of React Js referring to resources on the web and applied for the IJP. I got lucky that the project manager happened to observe my passion for work in the interview and asked me to start over in a week. Many of my colleagues were awestruck at the speed I got into 'The tech team', which ideally took a long time for others earlier. A few of them reached out to me to ask about the interview process I have been through. One of them benefited from the list of questions I provided for javascript. And so they redirected others to me for similar guidance on javascript and React js. Finally, here I am hoping this post will help reach more people who are looking for an interview cheat sheet.

Let us begin without more delay.

  1. What is the difference between var, let, and const?
  2. What is a call back function in javascript?
  3. Have you used 'call', 'apply', and 'bind' methods? How do they differ?
  4. What is prototyping in javascript?
  5. What is closure in javascript?
  6. Can you explain Promises?
  7. What is hoisting in javascript?
  8. What is a call stack?
  9. What are the array methods from ES6?
  10. What is the 'strict' mode in javascript?
  11. What is the Rest parameter in javascript and how do you use the spread operator?
  12. Explain arrow functions in javascript.
  13. How do you do error handling in javascript.
  14. What is the 'nullish' operator in javascript?

It is ideal to answer these questions to not only describe the topics of javascript but to also add some examples to let the interviewer know that you are clear on when to use what.

Less asked but quite possible to occur:

  1. What are Maps and Sets in javascript?
  2. How is 'setTimeInterval' different from 'setTimeOut'?
  3. Have you used mixins?
  4. Can you give an example usage of instanceOf?
  5. What are generators?
  6. What is currying in javascript?
  7. What is event bubbling and event looping?
  8. How do dynamic imports work?

These questions are derived from my experience of giving interviews for numerous organizations. These are not the only things you should refer to or limit yourself from doing more research. Learning these topics has helped me land a job and so I am sharing it on this platform. There are plenty of resources out there for exploring each topic. Good luck with your interview! I believe in anyone can code and everyone should learn to program.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you. Happy Learning!